Ask An Expert

Ask An Expert

How many panels do I need?

We have no idea. Seriously. And that’s ok. The honest answer is that we’re flying blind until we see your electric bill. Beware of online calculators that don’t factor in all the essentials before making promises. The ideal system will produce about 120% of what you use monthly and leave you some room to add a bigger TV someday without having to worry about spending more money on upgrades. Other factors like the pitch of your roof and the direction it faces are important too. When we design your system there’s a lot to consider but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

I changed my WiFi router and now my system is disconnected.

That’s something we’ll need to come onsite to correct. You can either call 612-512-5099 or send an email to so we can get you on the schedule.

The WiFi coverage is horrible in my house... and almost non-existent in the garage.

No problem. Your system can accommodate a cellular option that supports either AT&T or T-Mobile networks so you won’t have to worry about WiFi at all. We’ll do some testing and select the best choice for your area.

So solar panels degrade over time?

Yes. That’s one of the most common questions we get asked and the answer is straightforward. Every year they make less and less power but don’t worry because it’s only a quarter of a percent annually which is hardly noticeable. Over a 25-year period that’s about a five percent loss. Fun fact: panels with older technology can lose over ten percent of their output every year so in ten years it’s like they make themselves disappear. Yikes.

Do the panels directly attach to my roof?

Not really. We install rails on the roof that look sort of like train tracks and the panels sit on top of those rails. This way your roof and its warranty remain intact. The mounting system is one of the biggest ways to cut corners. If you wonder why our quotes might be a little higher this is one of the reasons. We just won’t compromise on quality for a few bucks.

Are inverters necessary?

Yes. The electricity coming off the panels is DC power which needs to be converted before your house can use it. That’s what the inverters do, without them your system would not work. This is another corner that many solar companies cut by using off-brand, inferior inverters. Our inverters are UL-listed and constantly monitored for health, performance, and safety. Be extra careful here when choosing a solar company as non-UL listed parts can void your home’s insurance policy and just don’t undergo the rigorous testing required for the certification.

What if the meter or grid structure of my provider changes?

No problem. When we install your system we will configure it to work with your specific electric grid profile. As changes happen we can reprogram the system remotely so there is no downtime when something changes. Because we work with all the utilities in your area we will usually find out about changes and make the necessary adjustments before you even know about it.

Why is it taking so long to install my system?

It’s not us. Really. Local utilities have a 60-day to 120-day waitlist to integrate their system with your solar panels. If we had our way we would install every system a few days after your financing is approved but it’s out of our hands. The good news is that because we install so many systems we usually don’t have to wait that long but because we can’t control it we just go with the promises they publish. Such is life.

Can I power wash the panels?

The system is IP68 rated which is just a fancy way to say it’s really tough and designed to stand up to even the harshest weather we get. Because the panels are coated with a special material that resists dirt sticking you really don’t need to go through the hassle of power washing. Some Dawn mixed with warm water and shot with a garden hose will work just fine.

My system doesn't make as much power as I thought it would.

We monitor all systems for health, performance, and safety. If your system isn’t functioning properly we usually know before you do and will dispatch a technician to get things figured out. Keep in mind that it could be weather-related. In your Enphase app look at power produced over the last 6 months or year to get an idea of what the system makes on average. It’s normal to have peaks and valleys in power production so unless it’s a big trend it’s probably nothing.

I purchased an EV and need more power.

Your system can accommodate 300 solar panels. Seriously. We’ll match your upgrade to the consumption of your EV. Contact us to get started. Your house will run out of roof before your system will flinch.

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