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Why Now

Solar Panels Have Grown Up

Finally Good

Until now solar panel technology
just wasn't that great.

Finally Reliable

Safe, predictable year-round performance day in and day out.

Finally Affordable

The state of Minnesota offers financing to homeowners because solar is good.

Finally Durable

25 Year Warranties. Seriously?
Is this a joke of some kind? 

Did You Know?

Great Scott! 1.2 J I G A W A T T S

Not exactly. But right now solar is making 115,258 gigawatt hours per year in the USA.

Why Solar?

High Output Solar Systems

Why Now?

Serious State & Federal Incentives

Why Us?

Zero Pressure Sales Philosophy

Real Incentives

Minnesota Incentives

Net metering. Use or get equal credit for the power you make. Nice.

Federal Incentives

Serious tax credits with serious benefits that will make you smile.

Renewable Energy

There's something really good about making your own clean energy.

Energy Independence

America was founded on the principle of freedom. Feeling patriotic?