Most Important Why

Most Important Why

So what's the most important why of all?

There’s no question that electric bills are ridiculous. Every year they go up and up. And nobody’s arguing that solar technology isn’t the greatest it’s ever been. The solar panels have finally grown up too and now computers squeeze every drop of energy from them.

Better partners mean better technology.

In fact, we don’t get anything but compliments about our equipment partners. They’re the who’s who in the solar business. From the panels and mounting rails to the safety systems and computers that run everything. We only install the absolute best.

Nobody's raising any objections about the warranty either.

25 years on every single part pretty much says it all. The incentives are great too. Minnesota has one of the best programs in the country. They literally force the electric companies to give you a fair deal. You get a one-to-one credit for any electricity you produce but don’t immediately use. That’s great for two reasons. First, it eliminates the need to buy batteries which can save you as much as 20k. Second when you’re out at work and nobody’s home not a drop of electricity goes to waste. Pretty cool, huh?

We actually live in the community.

Our team isn’t too shabby either. We have a great lineup of people that actually live in the community. We shop at the same grocery stores. Our kids go to the same schools. That means something to us. We won’t sell you extra mumbo jumbo nonsense or pull any of the shenanigans you see from our competition.

So what's the most important why of all? A flat line.

We know its just a flat line. We know it’s not much to look at. We know it’s boring but it’s the plain English truth. Take a moment to look at that flat line because this is why we got into this business and this is why solar finally makes sense. The moment we activate your system your freezing time. The electric company will spend the next 25 years raising prices while you’re looking at a boring flat line. 

Sometimes boring is good.

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