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Why Us

100% Minnesota Local

Better People

If you had a magic wand that put teams together this is what you would get.
Real leaders with proven track records who speak plain
English and know their stuff from top to bottom.

The Leader

Chris Donahue
aka Big Kahuna

I know Minnesota.
I know this area and I really
know solar. Go ahead, test me.

The Engineer

Bruce Padgett
aka Big Brain

For fun I like to figure things out and
read technical papers about stuff
that would bore you.

The Manager

Chris Schell
aka Master Plan

I eat checklists for breakfast.
While you're sleeping tonight,
I'll be pouring over details.

The Smile

Zach Sullins
aka Homeroom

People tell me I don't act like a
salesperson and it makes me
smile every time I hear it.

Better Partners

Better Technology

Simple Yet Powerful

Clear, easy-to-use constant
monitoring of your entire system.

Health Monitoring

We'll know if there's a problem before you do. P.S. It's covered 🙂


Does support for 300 solar
panels sound like enough?

Future Proof

Add or upgrade solar panels and batteries without having to start over.

Did You Know?

All New Homes In California Use Solar

America's trend setter in environmental standards requires all new homes to have solar.
Why? Because solar is a good idea. Period.

Why Solar?

High Output Solar Systems

Why Now?

Serious State & Federal Incentives

Why Us?

Zero Pressure Sales Philosophy

The Best Of The Best


Super High Output 


Efficient Conversion


Always On Reliability


Strongest System. Period.