Why Solar

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Why Solar

Your Electric Bill Is Ridiculous

Confusing by Design

Does anyone have the time to
figure this mess out?

Impossible to Understand

Low rate at the top of the bill that doubles at the bottom.

Deliberately Deceptive

Is it honest to advertise a rate half
the actual price you pay?

Higher Every Year

Can you remember a year when your electric bill went down?

Did You Know?

Beer From The Sun. Not Kidding.

Craft breweries across America are using solar right now to make beer and
lower electric bills. Talk about two birds with one stone.

Why Solar?

High Output Solar Systems

Why Now?

Serious State & Federal Incentives

Why Us?

Zero Pressure Sales Philosophy

25 Years of Increasing Prices

You'll Never Win

Play the game if you want but
it ends with you not winning.

Worse Every Year

Up and to the right year
after year after year.

Nobody Knows

Are we the only ones who
see a pattern here?

History Agrees

Finally a practical use for those
years of history class.