Essential Concepts

Essential Concepts

Net Metering

The sun is the most powerful during the day but most families are out at school or work. When you’re not home to use the electricity your system generates it gets automatically shared with the grid so nothing is wasted. This Minnesota program allows you to use all of the power your system generates even when you’re not home. You get a real 1:1 credit for all energy you share that you can redeem when it makes sense. Here is a link to the details of the program.


Electricity comes in 2 flavors AC (think Tesla) and DC (think Edison). Inverters take the DC variety coming from your solar panels and converts it to AC so that it can be used by your house. We use the best brand in the business Enphase. Here is a link to the manufacturer’s website if you want to dig a little deeper.


There are multiple layers of safety built into every system. Our inverters have complex microprocessor-based constant monitoring that literally checks the health of your system hundreds of times a second. Additionally, we install General Electric cut-off switches that not only add another layer of protection but also make upgrades and maintenance as easy as flipping a switch.


How does 300 solar panels sound? Our systems are over-engineered because can you predict the future? When new technology becomes available your system can handle it and we think that’s better than saving a few bucks now.


Bad weather happens. Our mounting systems are the best of the best both in terms of safety and durability. We use equipment that works with your roof and not against it. Everything from the screws to mounting rails are designed to perform and built to last.


25 Years on everything we sell. We could add more words here but why bother?


Batteries are good for cars and not so great for Minnesota homes. Besides not operating at peak efficiency in the cold, the Net Metering Program backed by the state makes more sense than adding expensive batteries that start degrading the moment you start using them. In some cases where there is medical equipment or special circumstances where a short power outage is too much, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. All of our systems are designed to work with or without batteries so just ask.


Your system is always on but did you know it’s always connected too? You’ll have full access to your system health and settings through our app which works on all your devices. If system updates are required we’ll use that same connection to upgrade your system software while you’re sleeping. Oh, did we mention that there’s no additional charge for any of that? Cool huh?


Hundreds of times every second your system is keeping an eye on itself. Literally. Every single solar panel on your roof is individually monitored for its state of health, efficiency, and output. If trouble does show up we can diagnose most problems remotely and replace just the failed parts quickly. And yes that’s covered labor too.

The Future

If you can predict the future we would love to get some lotto numbers and stock picks from you. For the rest of us mere mortals we’ll have to settle for future-proof systems that can be easily expanded and upgraded without wasting money and having to start over.

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