Thanks Dad

Thanks Dad Thanks Dad Dad taught me a lot about business, although I’m not sure he realized it. In the mid-90s he started a marketing company named Clear Site Creative that sold marketing solutions to local businesses in Faribault, MN. My now business partner Chris became a salesperson for my Dad and learned firsthand the […]

Most Important Why

Most Important Why Most Important Why So what’s the most important why of all? There’s no question that electric bills are ridiculous. Every year they go up and up. And nobody’s arguing that solar technology isn’t the greatest it’s ever been. The solar panels have finally grown up too and now computers squeeze every drop […]

Ask An Expert

Ask An Expert Ask An Expert How many panels do I need? We have no idea. Seriously. And that’s ok. The honest answer is that we’re flying blind until we see your electric bill. Beware of online calculators that don’t factor in all the essentials before making promises. The ideal system will produce about 120% […]

Essential Concepts

Essential Concepts Essential Concepts Net Metering The sun is the most powerful during the day but most families are out at school or work. When you’re not home to use the electricity your system generates it gets automatically shared with the grid so nothing is wasted. This Minnesota program allows you to use all of […]

Myths, Gimmicks, & Tricks

Myths, Gimmicks, & Tricks Myths, Gimmicks, & Tricks Free Solar There is no such thing as free solar. The systems are expensive but they come with so many advantages that it finally makes sense to buy them. While it’s true that there are powerful state and federal incentives you will need to decide what’s right […]

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts Interesting Solar Facts Solar One (1982)Solar One was the world’s first central solar power plant with thermal energy storage, located in California’s Mojave Desert. It demonstrated the feasibility of large-scale solar power generation and paved the way for subsequent solar thermal power plants. Solar Decathlon (2002-Present)The Solar Decathlon is a biennial competition organized […]